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May 2015    Surrey, United Kingdom

I love the freedom and spontaneity of crochet, thus I am afraid I do not write patterns of my own. If I have used one, even if a little, I will provide a link to it in the description. Thanks!



pattib ...

I absolutely love your sweaters. I wish I could crawl into your head and share your patterns! lol. It is an awesome gift that you have!

vikthehook ...

Thanks pattib! Trust me, you wouldn’t want to be in my head for long, though some would say there is plenty of room in there! Thanks again! :0)

bless2bhome ...

I am new here. I love your cardigans. Is there a place to purchase the pattern?

vikthehook ...

Hello! Glad you like my cardigans but I am sorry I don’t have any patterns for sale. I just make things up as I go. One day I will have a go at writing one!