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What are the best / your favourite / or some new ideas for the use of the “single crochet”?

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Debbie (life & crocheting have a lot in common: it's all about one stitch at a time.)


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Debbie Pribele ...

I started this topic, after reading something online about the single crochet stitch being the person’s favourite stitch – because it is so nice and clean.

Also, I find that it creates the tightest weave, which is important for some projects.

Debbie Pribele ...

Moss Stitch
.. the single crochet, used to create a pattern.


MandaPanda ...

I just created a project used the back stitch single crochet, it made a lovely pattern but was easy to do, with a big impact. I love it, and will be making blanket with the same pattern. I enjoy the regular single crochet also because, it still looks lovely and homemade but remaining easy and quick to do.

Cute and Kaboodle ...

I love it because of amigurumi :) It creates a nice fabric that won’t stuffing go out of the toy.

Farida Cahyaning Ati ...

My favorite one is single crochet spike.
I love it because it’s tight. And it looks great when we change color.
This is the pattern of the bag that I carry everyday.
Definitely need to make another one with single crochet spike.

Debbie Pribele ...

oh yes… that is LOVELY.
Is it easy to do? I haven’t tried it yet.

Farida Cahyaning Ati ...

Yes, it is Debbie. Just like regular single crochet but we just alternate the placement of the stitches. It used multiple of 6 chains. Do 4 rows of sc, and the the 5th row you start the spikes, 6th-8th row normal sc, spike again in the next row. I have seen different ways to spike the single crochet : diamond just like mine or arrows. It’s just a matter of how you spike all those stitches.

Debbie Pribele ...

very nice and thanks for the “how to”