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Hi was wondering if anyone could help I have purchased a crochet&more product and I’m crocheting a sheep and there seems to be a part of the pattern missing I’ll upload the pattern .can anyone help me please after

after round 6 there is no details between that and round 18 …


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Nova55 ...

Sorry no one replied to your issue. You’re certainly right – the pattern jumps from rnd 6 to rnd 18. You can 1. get in touch with the designer and let him/her know about the problem; 2. check the page where you originally saw the pattern – sometimes corrections are made in the comments section; or if those don’t work out, try to figure it out yourself (which you’ve probably already did!). Obviously, somewhere between round 6 and 18 you need to decrease, but that doesn’t mean you may not increase a bit more before you start decreasing. All I can say is take a REAL good look at the photo, see where you’re at at the end of rnd 6, and go from there. But there should be a way of contacting the designer/company for corrections. Your post was from 3 months ago – I hope you’ve found a solution by now! Good luck!