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Hi My daughter has asked me to create the crochet elephant from the above animal set. I thought I was quite ok at crocheting but the instructions have me bamboozled :) I suspect I am missing something really basic.

Line 1 : Make 2 chain stitches . Done
Round 1 : work five double crochet into the second chain from the crochet hook.
Round 2 : 2 double crochets in the following 5 stitches , repeat from * to * (10 double crochets).

I don’t understand what I am repeating – the instruction in the first half gives me 10 double crochets – what does the repeat give me?

any help much appreciated

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hookedforlife ...

I’m thinking you should just have 10 stitches but would have to see the instructions for the next few rounds to better decipher. Badly written crochet patterns can be so frustrating! :(