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I’m Johanna and I design crochet patterns. Mostly African Flower Animals! I just love them! I’m now reaching out in forums because I want to get to know more people who crochet, all around the world, to get inspirations and opinions on my work! If you read this, then please head over to my website and let me know what you think about my patterns! I would love to know what you guys think! :)

// Johanna

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African Flower Crochet Pattern Designer!


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CrochetNikki ...

Hello Johanna and welcome to the forum! I’m new here too, well I registered about a year ago, still really finding my feet, logging on and off! Just checked out your wonderful site and falling in love with your creativity! I look forward chatting with you

Johanna ...

Hi Nikki!

Thank you for your response and for those lovely words! :)

What do you usually crochet? Do you have a specific style?

CrochetNikki ...

I usually crochet baby blankets for expectant friends an crochet snoods