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Hello! As a great grandma, I have to admit to not being “new” except here. I will turn 63 in September 2017 and have been a self-taught crocheter since I was 17. I took about a 35-year hiatus from crochet while I was busy making a living for myself and my 3 sons, and a year or so began the sometimes frustrating task of “remembering” and teaching myself new tricks, :D. I am amazed at the beautiful portrait afghans, the fantastic baby and adult clothing, and the adorable amigurumi. All those things are new to me! So bear with me as I continue my crochet education, as my teacher lacks a LOT of skills, lol. My newest accomplishment was mastering the C2C stitch, and with it I am attempting my first graphgan, for my not-born-yet newest grandson. I will be calling for help, commenting on your beautiful creations, and learning, learning, learning. Yes, even at my age. <3



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Debbie Pribele ...

welcome to our community – yes, a lot has changed in recent years, hasn’t it?!
So many amazing artists creating such extraordinary pieces of crocheted art.
I look forward to seeing your additions to this list!!