Crocheted my first granny squares today ! Whee hee !

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( sorry for the harsh lighting … )

I’m turning 50 this summer … and I have an American Girl Doll ( Julie ) to represent my era of the late 60s thru 70s. I decided to try a crochet project for her and found a free granny square doll afghan pattern online. My Mom who taught me to crochet when I was 6 never liked grannies for some reason, so I never tried them. This year for Valentine’s Day, we decided instead of candy, that we would treat each other to yarn an attempt grannies together . She is in her 80s and has the American Girl Doll ( Molly ) to represent her era. I just completed my first two granny squares a short while ago .. and only have 28 more to complete. Tomorrow, I’ll be tutoring Mom as she begins her! Whee hee !

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Debbie Pribele ...

what a wonderful story.

After you teach your Mom, perhaps you could write a little blog and share that with our community of crocheters!

Mary Pauline M ...

Thank you! What a great idea!

Debbie Pribele ...