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Hello all! As many of you may know, overall 2016 was not a good year for me. For 2017, I’ve decided to finally take the jump and try to earn a bit of additional income via knitting. So, I’m currently in research mode. If you earn income, whether it be by designing and / or selling patterns, hand knit items, supplies, writing and / or teaching, and if you’d be willing to be a mentor, please consider networking with me. Thanks!


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CrochetNikki ...

I too was thinking the same for 2017 yet I crochet!

I will watch this thread x

Hi by the way

Debbie Pribele ...

A great topic – and of much interest to many.

Michele1606 ...

I’m already working as a knitting tutor but plan to expand next year. I’m not sure how to network on here but willing to share 😊

Debbie Pribele ...

That’s wonderful – use our creations, blogs, forums.

mobilecrafts ...

Sounds good

Mary Pauline M ...

While I’m currently unemployed and studying for a NJ real estate license … I am finally beginning to research earning additional income via both knit and crochet. ( I had a similar post to this one up with emphasis on crochet, but will keep discussions here and focus on knit. )

I’m interested in teaching, but also in commerce, so … I’m intrigued by the ’ yarn truck ’ . I’ve seen a few articles online about their presence in the US. I’m wondering if I could adapt that to a smaller, personal scale. Maybe linking up with other small business craft yarn companies, promoting their products in conjunction with my teaching. I’d teach in people’s homes, meetings and maybe online. Just playing around with ideas at the moment, but feel that I may be on to something here.

Debbie Pribele ...

mobilecrafts has a unique business, I do believe. MOBILEcrafts.