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Hi everyone !

I’ve been member for two years. It o have no be a very active with the crochet community as much as I would like. I have not introduced myself since I sign up, I more if the shy person. But I have been influenced by my peers through the years and is listening to my follower, advise. I wanna answer this question for my followers and hope to join me as I go along. Sweetyarngasmcc4u shop all about my finish products that I made handmade crochet and knit , custom items request like graphghan, and embroidery blankets/ sweaters/ clothing more-service. Also, jewelry, specialist in design pattern making. Now, I’m aware of the fact that these items I’m stating are not on display of my work on my shop yet. Be aware it just only me ,doing all these unique creative work to bring to life on my own , without any help at the moment. Meanwhile, for my shop to be successful, I’m asking everyone. What are you thoughts, about Sweetyarngasmcc4u Page , you found to be resourceful ? Leaving comment under this post you get 10% discount on any purchase at https://www.etsy.com/shop/SweetYarngasmCC4U

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