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This is my current piece. I’m a newbie knitter, self taught. I really only know the cast on and the knit stitch. This scarf being made with Caron Cakes Cherry Chip is helping me practice not only knit but purl stitches. I am trying to do two rows of knit stitch followed by two rows of purl stitch. Sometimes though, I do deviate from the planned pattern and to be honest, I do not know why or how. I have been trying to keep rows accurate by writing down but I am still finding sections where it looks like four rows of purl or only one row of knit. I usually beat myself up way too much and would be ripping out and starting over constantly. However, ok … I admit I did restart twice … but won’t rip out anymore unless a true emergency happens.


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Debbie Pribele ...

looking good!!!
are you enjoying the “cake”?

Mary Pauline M ...

Thanks! Overall, my experience with cake has been very good. I will say, I noticed a slight odor coming from the yarn when I work with it. Not sure what it is exactly, I’m thinking maybe something in the dye or the 20% wool fiber. At first I thought I was just imagining it, but I did come across someone on a crochet board who also noted an odor. The yarn is very soft and pliable. Seems to be very easy to work with. For this project, I’m hoping the color change will come in at ’ acceptable ’ areas, such as the beginning or end of a row without my having to cut and reattach. I have been lucky when the color switched from red to brown and the change hasn’t been noticable. I did purchase several more cakes and hope to do a crochet project with the yarn next. Was encouraged to see this past week, that the yarn company is picking up production again in to 2017. Do wish the yarn line would be expanded and distributed to other store chains, but looks unlikely. I’d give the yarn a thumbs up!

Debbie Pribele ...

good review!

I wondered about the location of change and thought it would just be easier to pick up a different coloured ball of yarn than sitting there crossing my fingers.

Pam ...

Very pretty scarf! I haven’t gotten a chance to try the cake yarn yet. I am new here in the crochet community and the knitting. I just started a scarf using the Bernat blanket yarn and I am loving it!

Mary Pauline M ...

Thanks Pam and welcome to Crochet.Community! I’ve yet to use any blanket yarn but would love to one day. Am kind of in a no-spend season now due to a career change into NJ real estate. I’ll be taking my state test January 31, so hopefully after passing and getting set up with a firm, I can splurge and treat myself. Until then, I’m mainly using my stash. The finished scarf from the photo above went to my Mom for Christmas, and I am now using another Caron Cake on a loom to make a scarf for myself. It is the first time I’m using the loom and so far, everything’s been pretty good. I’m about finished with it and will post a photo when completed.