5,000 Creations? When? Take a guess and win!

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Since we didn’t reach the 5000 creations last year, we decided to do the contest again.

  • Post a comment to this thread with your guess, when we will reach the 5,000 creations on CrochetCommunity
  • Use this format: month/day
  • Each member can post only one guess
  • Member of the guess which will be the closest to the day, when we’ll reach the 5,000 creations, wins!
  • If there are two or more same guesses, the one which is posted sooner, wins!

You can win our T-shirt.

Have fun and keep posting!

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-- Michal, http://Crochet.Community | My Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/michal.bulla


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8 Replies

Debbie Pribele ...

this is so exciting — AND a bonus T-shirt!! Nice!
Thanks, Michal.

mobilecrafts ...

I think 08/16

vikthehook ...

Put me down for… 10/31 and I’ll get busy!

Joan K ...


tartan ...


Debbie Pribele ...

haha!!! WOO HOO

Michal Bulla ...

Woohoo, Tartan is the Winner. Congrats!!

Debbie Pribele ...

oh yah! :)
Congratulations to everyone for their patience on this one — and for the 5,000 creations!!!