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Ok, I have a few questions…and i dont know if there’s anyone who can answer them or not. I’m interested in selling some of my items on etsy, but I’m not sure where to get started. I do alot of patchwork items, and i see alot of patchwork design items for a higher price, but I don’t know if any of them really sell or anything. How do I tell what people have sold, if there is any way? How do I judge shipping and handling? How do I get started? I’m totally confused…but I need to do something and quick!

Honestly, recently got engaged, and my fiancé and I want to get married of 2017 and I need to sell some of my afghans to help pay for the wedding since I’m a stay at home mom currently. I feel stuck. I can send some pictures of the stuff I have for suggestions on prices or where I can sell.

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Lou Woodhead ...

I sell in Etsy. My shop opened last March 2015. Sales are not that great lately but I have a backup – using my store page on Facebook as a selling venue for buyers from the Philippines, my home country. For answers to all your questions including shipoing, you may want to consult the Sellers Handbook in Etsy. But first, create an email account there so you can get started. Joining forum is also helpful and that’s where I learned most of the information I need to know. Good luck!

Nicole ...

Thank you!