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I wanted to reply to “put down that hook.” I am new and this is my first time for anything like this.

I can certainly relate. I retired a few months ago and have had several projects since then and the list just keeps growing. Since I haven’t been able to crochet for 3 years I am more than pleased to crochet as much as possible. Unfortunately, I am finding the same thing as Debbie. I don’t know when to take a break. It breaks my heart to have to rip out 3, 5 and sometimes more rows, but I have finally learned that if I need to do that, I need to stop right now and take another look in a day or so.

Thanks for making me not feel so much like a dope and as if I’m the only one who can’t crochet accurately forever! Nanna E.


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Debbie Pribele ...

I am not alone!!!
Thanks for sharing your story. I will have to think of a criteria for putting down the hook. 3 mistakes in one row, perhaps? or within half an hour? << something to trigger that alarm bells for me. I don’t want to ever go through that again!!

(my original posting: http://crochet.community/topics/427-put-down-that-hook )