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(Thanks to the Team for creating this forum, so we can keep track of our collaborations and challenges).

What’s a Collaboration?
For a collaboration, we vote on a theme, colour combinations and other elements and, then, we create our own, unique designs based on the chosen characteristics.
It is fun to see the “same” created in so many different ways!

What’s a Challenge?
Simply that: a challenge. A concept or technique is presented and we create a piece of jewelry to fit the challenge.

Collaborations and Challenges are just for fun (and inspiration) and there are no deadlines (except for the collaboration voting processes, which are described for each collaboration).
When you get the urge – create and share your artistry with us! Simply post a photo in the comments section for the event.

Past Events
Challenges: Here are the past challenges

Collaborations: And here are our past collaborations

FEEL FREE TO INITIATE A COLLABORATION OR CHALLENGE by posting a new forum topic with the details.

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