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There are times when you really should just put down that hook.

Often, hindsight is 20/20 and we think, “we should have just taken a break”, but we didn’t and we paid for it by making mistake, after mistake, after mistake… and then ripping out row after row, after row… and then re-doing, re-doing, re-doing!

Sometimes, the contributing factor is that we aren’t feeling well. Sometimes we are distracted by something that is going on, whether physically in front of us, or something that is occupying our mind. And, often, it is that we are just tired.

This is what happened to me, this week, while working on my Deathflake afghan. Things were going so well and I was just whipping through the rows. And then it happened. I got tired. Physically tired. But I kept pushing through. Row after row was being created. And then I held up my work to admire what I was creating and I saw it … several rows back there was a drastic error (an entire row without any pattern). How I had worked on top of that row without noticing the error is beyond me – but, then, I was tired, very tired. And so the progress had to be ripped out and done over.

Hopefully, next time, it won’t take me so long to realize that I need a break!

At first, during the “do over”, I kept pushing through but made mistake after mistake after mistake. Finally, my brain shouted loud enough for me to hear: “Put down that hook!”

Since Thursday, (the PDTH day), I have done very little on the afghan. I hope I am back in the groove soon. Maybe just one more day of rest.

Debbie (life & crocheting have a lot in common: it's all about one stitch at a time.)


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pattib ...

I am working on an afghan now that I swear must be cursed. I started it two weeks ago and had 2/3 of it done and did a stitch count. Some how I had picked up 6 stitches too many. So I started frogging it back to where it had the correct number of stitches. 30 rows gone! Ok, start again and have the 30 rows back, stitch count correct, WAIT, there’s a flawed place and the yarn is broken! Frog again! 50 rows this time! Third time is a charm, I hope. Will be so glad when this is done!

flamingfountain1 ...

Oh my! I understand so well! It does make me feel good that someone else goes through the exact same thing! How many times have I ripped out row after row, trying desperately to get done, only to make one mistake after another and finally realizing I am too tired to do a good job. When I return to it the next day, I find I do the same job in half the time with no mistakes! pattib, I hope for your sake that the third time really is the charm. :)

Debbie Pribele ...

I was back on track - nope, still mistakes. I ripped out a couple of rows but about 6 rows back, it’s a mess. Or I think so, anyway. I’m not pulling it all out – 2000 stitches! :( The errors stay.