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Hello ! While I’ve crocheted ( leftie ) since a child, taught by the best teacher ever, my Mom, I never could pick up knitting. While I tried to self teach once, it was prior to the internet, and what limited resources I could find in my area were favoring right hand. The first project knitted was to be a scarf, but, I didn’t make it past maybe three rows.

My Grandmother on my Father’s side was a tatter and I always regretted not learning from her. For Christmas 2015, Santa brought me tatting supplies and I am now teaching myself to tat ( as a rightie ).

Since I seem to be holding my own with tatting, I thought, “Gee, let’s give knitting another try!” Am glad to see a forum for knitting here, as I love to meet and share with others who craft.

Here’s my proud attempt from mid April of my first cast on. Decided to try right hand this go round, and I’m feeling a bit more confident than my first attempt.

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Debbie Pribele ...

5* for determination!!! Bravo

Crazycatlady1 ...

I wish you luck! I knitt, and crochet. I am better at knitting than crocheting. It is also funny that we are both lefthanded!😂