Hi everyone!

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I’m new to this website (and to crocheting, too), and I’m pleased to have found this comunity. I’m begining to learn from video tutorials (thank you, youtube!), so right now my skills are really poor… but time to time :)
Oh, and I’m from Spain, so if I make any grammatical mistake, please, forgive me xD

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Michal Bulla ...

Welcome Reseda, I hope you’ll like it here ;)

Leticia ...

I’m new to the community too. No worries, you won’t be a newbie in crochet for too long. It’s so addicting!

Michelle ...

I’m new here also! Learned 35 years ago in school and just started again about 2 years ago. YouTube has been the best for me to re- learn and learn new skills since I live in a remote area of Idaho and can’t take any classes. Hope to “see” you around.

Colleen ...

I am also new to this website, found it by accident, posted one item so far just to try it out. I have crocheted for a very long time, and have been an instructor at Michaels at one time! So glad I found this community. I am married with one daughter, who is going to be seventeen this month.

Pamela G. ...

Hi my name is Pamela. I’m deaf and astmatic living with 3 dogs named Sugar, Molly, and Gidget. And also living with my parents. I do knitting and crocheting and also love learning new stitches in both. I hope I’m welcome in this forum