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My name is Gail, I just joined. I’m really enjoying Crochet Community. Live in Ontario,Canada, enjoy learning new ways of crocheting. Also I teach crocheting at a senior community center. Has anyone tried Knooking yet? Been crocheting for 45 years.


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Michal Bulla ...

Welcome to our community Gail ;)

granny52 ...

Thank You, Michal. Enjoy reading and learning about the community.

Debbie Pribele ...

Knooking … ummmm no? Is that a knit-crochet combination?

(also from Ontario)

granny52 ...

Hi, Donna. Knooking is like knitting and crocheting. I take a knitting pattern an change to crocheting. You can do cables which is my favorite.

Debbie Pribele ...

Sounds interesting