I'm hosting a crochet-along for a scarf pattern featuring a new stitch

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I’ve just come up with this new stitch…I’ve looked in many different resources and stitch guides to see if it already exists and it doesn’t seem to. I’m calling it the Merengue stitch because it looks like my favourite gluten-free but still delightful dessert. If someone has already invented it, that’s fine, I’ll use the original name in that case.

More info about the crochet-along and the sign-up are here

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Charles Voth, stitchstud on Twitter & Ravelry, Charles elsewhere in social media


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Kelly ...

I joined on your sign up site, love to learn new stitches. Should be fun!

Charles ...

Awesome! Thanks!

Debbie Pribele ...

love the “gluten-free” stitch :D

Debbie Pribele ...

Hi Charles… I’ll be tackling my swatch on the weekend. (and I’ll be posting it here at Crochet.Community as well as on the Facebook page)

Debbie Pribele ...

the video is great but my skills are a tad lacking (or my attention span, perhaps).
And, half way through I misplaced my crochet hook and had to change sizes…
but here is my practice swatch.