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I have a few things I need to have patterns made for and I am willing to pay. They will be from pictures. I’ve never made a pattern before and wouldn’t even know where to start. Does anyone teach a course on pattern making?



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Susan Isaac ...

What are you looking to make-you can find a free pattern for almost anything…let me know and I’ll help you look

Kelly ...

It’s a specific pattern for the mascot of our Highschool. Here it is.

Charles ...

Were you thinking of doing this in tunisian crochet or single-crochet colour-work?

If you simply follow the chart, you wouldn’t really need a word by word pattern. That could get a little unwieldy, row 1, 25 red sc, 1 black sc, 1 white sc, 89 red sc…


I’m a pattern writer…Why do you need a pattern instead of the chart?

Kelly ...

Hi Charles! I don’t even know how to size the chart to a usable size. I’m not a complete goofball, but I’ve been playing around with C2C charts trying to figure out how to make them. Its so confusing to me for some rrason. I don’t know whether I should do a sc, C2C or what? I’ve never done C2C or Tunisian, just basically don’t know where to even start on this project. I was thinking to make it into a pillow, then larger for a blanket, maybe a small version to sew onto a coffee cozy??…….just need some direction and advice……..

Charles ...

For a C2C blanket you will want to master the C2C with simple stripes first so you can figure out how it works..then you’ll need to see how to change colors mid row and how to hide unused colors or weave in ends. I’ve never done a C2C following a gridded pattern.

I would start with different thicknesses of yarn or crochet thread (for the patch to sew on the coffee cozy) and different hook sizes to figure out which looks best, and just use sc sts.