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I’m a 64 year old “hooker” who rarely finishes a project. I’d like to think it’s because I am always finding new and exciting things to try. But, if truth be known, I have this idea that nothing I do is quite good enough, And to prove it, I made a shawl in filet crochet with the Blessed Virgin Mary on it. I gave it to my priest to give to his mother who had just lost her husband. He looked at it, wadded it up and that’s the last I heard of the shawl. So, my house is filled with partially completed projects and skeins of yarn that are not being used. I am working on finishing something…….anything…….just to say I’ve done it! Looking to find hope and inspiration on Crochet Community. Thanks so very much for letting me join!


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Debbie Pribele ...

well…. come on in!!
Perhaps you’d like to join one of our Collaboration Creations - we pick a pattern each week and inspire each other to keep on going.
And if you need a little nudge, I’m sure we can provide that as well :D

(and shame on the priest for not giving you the kudos you deserved!)

Michal Bulla ...

Welcome to our community ;)

Charles ...

That’s a sad story Eyesofgrey. I can see why having someone you respected and someone with stature in the community doing that with your work would be SO disheartening. But take it from me, 90% of the population does not appreciate handwork or handmade projects and I am an EXTREMELY picky gift giver…I only give crocheted work to those who repeated have admired, asked, or begged for things, not the passing superficial complement, they’ve GOT TO LOVE IT. So try not to let the mistake of that one man take away the pleasure of finishing projects.
You may be a process crocheter, more enthused about getting started and figuring something out and then setting that aside for new things…
I’m not a product crocheter…I don’t care if I ever finish a project…because I love the process more than the outcome.

Debbie Pribele ...

wise words, Charles!