has anyone through here ever gotten together in person to share patterns or make patterns?

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Weird thought just popped into my mind. Has anyone ever gotten together with someone else through this site (face to face) to share patterns, or create new ones? Seems like there’s a lot of people not too far from each other on here. Just wondering.


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Susan Isaac ...

That’s a great idea- but I am no where near you. Happy to share if you see anything of mine you like😊

Maria Delgado-Pontani ...

I’d love to find some folks in my immediate area…Cherry Hill, NJ – anyone out there?

Debbie Pribele ...

great topic; I’ll be sure to post this in our newsletters.
So>>>> post your region

me: southwestern Ontario, Canada

Nicole ...

Middlesex county, Connecticut

meanjaws ...

North Okanagan (Kelowna ) BC,Canada

Debra ...

Vernon, BC, Canada. Also in the North Okanagan region.

Chudames ...

My local library actually has a Crafting night, and a few local bars & coffee shops host crafting nights as well. Those are always good to look in to.