The corner to corner blanket craze

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The c2c craze is huge at the moment, Debbie mentioned that she has never heard f it. So i thought i would share.

Here’s the link to the tutorial video from The crochet crowd. Mikey is a great teacher. Have fun :)

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Debbie Pribele ...

well look at that “corner to corner” means crocheting from corner to corner ;)

CrochetFarmer ...

Very neat. Thanks for sharing!

Emma Stone ...

Lol, no problem. X

Maydres ...

Omg! I have been playing with yarn since seeing this. It’s so easy and fun.

MandaPanda ...


Kristi ...

Are the written words hard to follow or do I need to watch the video to figure this out

sian ...

i have 2 questions
how many rows do i do if person is 5 foot 8 and i like to do a lap gan ( square is easyer , right ?)
also what row do i begin decrease?

i have crochet 10 inch but looks too short im using red heart and a size 5 hook

i did 9 white after that 5 rows red 5 white repeat want to end with 9 rows of white. please help