thinking of trying new yarns..any suggestions?

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Hi everyone! I’m thinking of trying new yarns, but don’t know what would be a good quality yarn that’s inexpensive. I’ve used bernat, red heart, cannon, fun fur, and woolease (not spelled correctly, I know…). I want to try something new for a brand. Can anyone refer a brand they find is good?

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Debbie Pribele ...

I use mostly bernat and red heart. $$ is usually my primary goal.

Nicole ...

OK, thanks

Vorlicek ...

I have been working with Caron brand yarn. I really like the feel of it, very soft. The only downside is on the project I am currently working on the color Heather Gray has been hard to find locally. The last one I found had some imperfections that have been a little annoying. But overall, I like the yarn.

Jansafire ...

I love willow yarns, :) willow wash is my fav – its anti-pill yarn. :)

Nicole ...

OK thank you! I’ll look it up!