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Hi all, ive just created a group on facebook with a few friends. We are crocheting hats and blankets for special care babies and the homeless.

Have you ever crocheted/knitted for charity? If so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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CarrieH4 ...

Is there anyway someone could donate a few hats?

mobilecrafts ...

you have to be careful as they don’t like certain things and wools and they have to be tested at times as well and a lot of hosptials etc don’t take unless it new

Cajunfilly ...

I sell some of my items in a shop to try to make a little to cover my yarn and maybe make a little money. Some of the items do not sell so I try to make items I can give as gifts for my family or use/wear myself. I have a few things I might like to donate, but I am not sure who to donate them to.

ann ...

hello I have been crocheting for charity for nearly 3 years, I crochet for a charity called knit a square which is in south Africa here is the link if you want to read about it they like people to send them squares 8×8 which they then sew into blankets they also have patterns on their site for jumpers hats toys etc,

Emma Stone ...

Thanks for all your lovely replies. I only make items with new yarn so that shouldn’t be a problem. We also keep of record of the yarn type etc. Thanks for the advice everyone. Carrie if you visit the page all the info you need is there hunni xx

Emma Stone ...

Sorry didn’t link it lol