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I recently learned about PADD (Project Attention Deficit Disorder). Here in our community we talk about creations, not projects .. so, I, for one, have CADD – Creation Attention Deficit Disorder!

Hi. My name is Debbie … I am currently working on

  • our Collaboration Mandala
  • a special baby blanket
  • a Tunisian scarf
  • 2 afghans
  • a doily
  • a flower blanket
  • boot cuffs order
  • dog coat order

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Debbie (life & crocheting have a lot in common: it's all about one stitch at a time.)


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Heather Macias ...

I think we are in the same boat! I am working on:

  • A test sweater pattern
  • 2 pairs of crocodile slippers for friends
  • A knit sweater for my older daughter
  • A pattern for gingerbread hats
  • A knit entrelac blanket in Lion Brand Suede
    And a few other projects that I have printed out patterns for, the yarn is just sitting there staring at me, waiting for me to use it! LOL I know there is more, but my mind is too boggled to even remember what is in my bags and bins, on hooks and needles, waiting to be finished! LOL

Debbie Pribele ...

oh my … we do have a problem, don’t we!

Andria ...

Hi, my name is Andria and I have CADD

I am currently working on ……..

  • our Collaboration Mandala
  • Family matters Blanket
  • Ugly blanket
  • 4 pair of leg warmers for kids I know
  • A hat for a male friend
  • A sweater pattern for myself
  • head bands for my daughter
  • 2 scarfs for friends
  • flowers for headbands and leg warmers like 4 different kinds
  • a confederate flag granny square blanket
  • Tatting fidgets to donate to the special needs preschool class
  • Head band/ ear warmers for myself that matches my fluffy scarf and sweater pattern
  • putting the beginner classes together for February
  • A Flower blanket
    I am a proud wearer of the CADD Pin!

Debbie Pribele ...

(tatting fidgets .. would love to hear more about these!)
another BIG list.

Martin Sojka ...

haha. I guess you can count me in as well. working – at least – on four sites / creations :)

and that’s just top of the iceberg :)

Debbie Pribele ...

well, we THANK-YOU for your creations!!!!
I’m so glad that you have CADD :)

Martin Sojka ...

:) thanks

Debbie Pribele ...


Heather Macias ...

We should start our own group for it! LOL
Just one more project to add to your list, Martin. ;)

Martin Sojka ...

I’m sure Debbie will make this group official but first I suggest renaming it to:

CADD – Crochet Attention Deficit Disorder


Kristi ...

I have CADD but I put up my list under PADD last night

FashionBomb ...

Martin…… how about a sewing one!?!?! I just started sewing too along with a friend of mine!!!
So I don’t even know where to start on my lists….

Viking Hat
Scarf with Sleeves
St Patty purses and scarves (need lots for the St Patty Run coming up)
Learn Tunisian
Learn Knooking

Long Sleeve Shrug
St Patty Purses and scarves (need lots for the St Patty Run coming up)
Heavy quilts for my family

Debbie Pribele ...

another big list AND a wishlist item for Martin’s " :D

ann ...

think I may have it to but my list isn’t as big as everyone else`s I am currently working on
baby blanket
temperature blanket
lap blanket x 3

Heather Macias ...

Sewing would be cool, but I need to learn how to use my machines better. :)