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I was getting confused by pattern references to ‘fingering’ yarns and ‘DK’ yarns, so went to google and found this Yarn Comparison Chart. It helps give an idea of how to combine weights and types of yarn.


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BarbS ...

PS – And BONUS: it’s a downloadable PDF!

BarbS ...

Here is another that is text only, no photos:


Debbie Pribele ...

great minds think alike .. I posted craft yarn council’s chart as well

BarbS ...

oh, did I miss it? Do you want it deleted?

Debbie Pribele ...

Nope. You were first and all is well.

Sharon ...

Thank you Barb, this helps out tremendously.

BarbS ...

You’re welcome. I went hunting because I didn’t know that ‘DK’ stood for ‘double knitting.’ Seeing them all in relative sized photos helped me out, too.