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Hi, my name is Karol . . been crocheting for years but new to this site. I am outside of Buffalo NY, was a single mom raised three girls who have now given me 8 wonderful grandkids. I work full time and also have a “store” on Etsy as well as taking care of my 96 year old mom. I’m planning to retire soon and dedicate my time to making things for my site and anyone who wants something! I love crocheting and knitting as you can do it anywhere . . and is very theraputic for me . . kind of an escape from my reality.

Right now, I am working on developing a reversible car seat blanket – crochet on one side, flannel on the other. I do like to do patterns that somehow match the flannel design. I am now trying to find a “snow” stitch . . the flannel is royal blue background, white polar bears that are ice skating . . i’m thinking a royal blue sky with white snowflakes scattered thru out the design . . but would like a tight stitch . . <— to give you an idea of me . . :)




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Debbie Pribele ...

ooooh doesn’t that sound wonderful….. and challenging!!!
Nice to meet you and welcome to the community

KarolsKraftKorner ...

Hi Debbie! . . I am intrigued by your 14 day challenge . . I know I wouldn’t have been able to do 14 projects in 14 days but I would have given it the ole college try! I’ve been wanting to do something similar . . such as finish up an already started project each month . . ;) . . i do have a couple of downloaded past year’s crochet and knitting calendars, have said . . more than once . . that I will be determined to do this! . . but alas have not started yet! LOL

Debbie Pribele ...

14 weeks… one project/stitch per week .. but it’s just a number — do it at your own rate :)

I’ll be watching!! hahaha :)
Just “embed” your posted project under each week so we can keep track of your progress
Good luck and have fun

KarolsKraftKorner ...

Oh . . I thought you were done! I just finished a baby sweater last night . . I will post this for my week 1!
Actually playing a game with a friend of mine . . because today is my grandson’s 13th birthday, I picked a pattern book, and went to the 13th pattern . . I then asked my girlfriend to give me three yarn colors and I would get a variegated for the 4th . . she chose blue, yellow and white . . the 13th pattern is a kaledescope blanket . . should be fun! I am going to NC to see my newest grandchild, staying for 10 days . . so I plan on working on this while spending the day in the airport/plane and nights at my daughter’s.

Debbie Pribele ...

oh that is SO awesome!!! I love it.