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Is there a way to edit photos once they’ve been uploaded? Some of my pictures upload sideways and I need a way to rotate them.


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Debbie Pribele ...

I think you have to rotate them off-site and then re-upload

Alana Judah ...

I did that. I rotated them into the correct position and saved them in my computer before uploading but they revert back to sideways. : /

Debbie Pribele ...

oh .. well then I can’t help you :)

Oh Michal, Martin … where are you!!!

Michal Bulla ...

Hey Alana, are you sure you saved them properly before uploading? I’m asking, because we haven’t encountered this problem before.
Please give me links to creations you would like to rotate and I will fix it for you ;)

Alana Judah ...
The following ornaments need rotated:
Wreath, Peppermint, Gingerbread Man, Santa Belly, Mini Mittens, Mini Hat, Cup and Saucer, Peppermint Snowflake and Mini Sweater. The Hat for Mr. Freed also needs rotated.
I’ll try to figure out that I did differently on these. I think my phone orients them automatically no matter how I hold my phone when I take the pic but when I upload them it goes back to the way I took the pic (if that makes sense) but I can’t remember which way to hold my phone, vertical or horizontal. Thanks for the help. The sideways pics drive me crazy!

Michal Bulla ...

That’s exactly the issue – your phone orient it automatically. I think that you should make the photos in the portrait orientation to have the the right way.

I fixed the rotation of those creations ;)