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I was wondering if anyone else has tried the idea of using a purchased sewing pattern to shape a garment or other project? I recently purchased a dog coat pattern from the second hand store and was thinking that I could use the pattern shapes to make the coat except in crochet. Has anyone else done this or heard of it? Do you have any tips that might be helpful?

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Debbie Pribele ...

haven’t seen this done before but it sounds BRILLIANT to me!!

I’ve just been asked to make some dog coats and the challenging part was to get the right sizing (since I don’t have the dog in the room with me).
After my first try, the dog owner gave me one of the old coats to use and oh was that helpful! I could just crochet away and keep checking it by laying it on top of the old one.

Let us know how your idea works out for you.

Susanbeingsnippy ...

I read somewhere about using a sewing pattern as the shape for making a crochet item. Seems to me to be quite a logical transition because you usually see the shapes and often measurements in books or magazines along with a pattern for clothing items. So instead of following a crochet pattern with a shape drawing, use a sewing pattern and crochet the rows in the shape of the tissue pattern (and so you don’t loose or damage the pattern, maybe taping it on a wall or door while you are crocheting and you can put your work up to see how it fits within the pattern)

leftie ...

I’ve made sweaters using sewing patterns. Works perfectly. The great thing with doing it by crochet, you can tell almost immediately if you don’t like the “look”. It’s all about knowing when to increase or decrease. Have fun !