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I made this hat for a newborn, the pattern called for a H Hook and when i made it, it was way to big! So, I remade it with an F hook, but its still to big. Can someone please help me?
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Debbie Pribele ...

you don’t want to get too small of a hook, or it will be very difficult to work with.
I hope someone has an answer for you.

MeMe ...

Try a different yarn. Something lighter less bulky

DJean ...

What type of yarn did you use? Try making the pattern with a smaller yarn as well as the F hook.

Farida Cahyaning Ati ...

I think you have 3 options:
1. Use smaller hook (I agree with Debbie that it’s going to be difficult with that type of yarn when you go too small).
2. Change the type of yarn and use smaller hook too if it helps ( Just like MeMe and DJean said).
3. Reduce the pattern (it takes a lot of time and work) if you think it’s possible.
I did it once, but you need to be very careful to make the counts right.

dee ...

Thank you so much! I will work on it and see where it gets me. As for the yarn that I used it was Red Heart

Transitoria ...

I would use baby weight yarn. Look for a 2 or 3 on the label. In addition, I would use an E or F hook. If that makes it too small, then use a hook the next size up. I believe your greatest problem is the yarn you’ve chosen.

dee ...

Ok thank you