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Dee Walter


I’m a new to crocheting and live in an RV full time. We settle a couple months in Florida to keep warm in the winters and travel in the summers. In our winter park, we have a group called “Happy Hookers” that make afghans for Linus...

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Dog Jacket/Coat

Hi, My name is Shirley and I am so excited that I found this website just tonight as I was looking through my Facebook messages. I saw a picture of a crocheted dog jacket/coat in pink for a small dog and didn’t note the # on it. Can anyone help...

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New to the Community

Hi, I’m Dee, and I want to introduce myself. I learned to crochet with my mom from a friend of Mom’s when I was about 8. Mom kept up with it all through the years, but I stopped a long time ago. I picked it back up 2 winters ago making scarves...

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Hi from Flushing, Michigan!

Hi all! I’m an avid hooker in the winter and work full time in the summer. I like granny squares and also sweater-shawls and always looking for new patterns and ideas! I’m exited to meet everyone! Marianne

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Hi Everyone, I’m new to the craft world and am making my husband a hat and need to know where I could find the instructions for this pattern/stitch. Thanks so much in advance!! :)

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Flawless Crochet Flowers

2016 Valentine Mystery Crochet Flower CAL and Contest

Hi Everyone! As a new member to Crochet Community, I thought it would be awesome if I shared my current Valentine CAL and contest that will be starting on January 14, 2016. That’s in just 4 days! You will receive 3 free flower patterns plus a...

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Debbie Pribele

Pinterest Collection of Patterns

This is handy. … lots of stitch patterns, too.

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Cute and Kaboodle

International Crochet Month

Is anyone here celebrating March as an International Crochet Month?

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does anyone know of any good designs they would recommend?

I’m looking for some new designs to try out for some charity blankets. Does anyone have some designs they really like that would be good for a beginning/intermediate crocheter could do?

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Amie Jane

Favourite go-to Crochet Blogs

Is anyone like me, have a list of blogs and sites that you love? I spend a good few hours every so often looking to see if there are any new ones out there that I can discover. So, if you’re interested, here are a few I’ve come across for you to...

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New to the Community...

Hi everyone! I am Barb from Canada. I now have 4 grandbabies, 3 born in 2014, and I crochet alot. I have crocheted for over 50 years. Taught myself from a book. I love meeting new people with the same interests. ...

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Hi everyone I’m new to the site and not sure how it all works, but, I have been crocheting for many years and have created some very pretty and unusual pieces. I love to crochet hats and shawls and scarves. I have made queen size blankets but...

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Debbie Pribele

Inspiration: The Wedding Dress

I saw this wedding dress story a while ago and today I saw an interview with the designer/crocheter The dress was crocheted during daily commutes to work and back!!! Wonderful story Wonderful woman Wonderful crocheted wedding dress The...

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Pineapple Design Table Top Cloth

I would like to look into making an old fashioned table cloth, one that does not hang over the table but covers the top nicely but not all the way to the edge. I will be looking into patterns on the internet as well as materials to use, but I...

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forever beginner

Hi I’m new here. My mum taught me to crochet when I was little but only really got into it about 4 years ago when I started taking some meds that gave me the fidgets. Now I crochet to ward them off but I’ve never been able to really progress...

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Help: Crochet Baby Onesie Pattern from Red Heart

I found this pattern through a link on Pinterest that lead to Red Heart’s site and I am stuck on the upper back part of the pattern. Here’s the link:...

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Debbie Pribele

History: Miser's Purse

Has anyone heard of or made a Miser’s Purse? Very interesting! Source: And here’s a pattern for another version. The above style uses rings to hold openings shut. The...

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My name is Angela, I am 46 and have been crocheting for 35 years, I have only picked it back up seriously in the last 10 years, I hope toake new friends and share interest and skills, Thank you for letting me join x

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Mary Pauline M

Returning to crochet after many years absence

Hello! I’m Mary Pauline from northern NJ. I had learned to crochet from my Mom in the 1970’s and stayed with it thru the mid to late 1980’s, and then stupidly left the craft world. Recently, a couple years ago, I briefly returned to crochet...

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Hello fellow crochet-ers! :)

Hello! I just discovered and joined this forum today and am very excited to meet and interact with more crafty, crochet people. I have 3 kids, ages 8, 6 and 4 and I’ve had an etsy shop called HookedbyAmy for almost 2 years now! I’ve only ever...