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thinking of trying new yarns..any suggestions?

Hi everyone! I’m thinking of trying new yarns, but don’t know what would be a good quality yarn that’s inexpensive. I’ve used bernat, red heart, cannon, fun fur, and woolease (not spelled correctly, I know…). I want to try something new for a...

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Mary Pauline M

Trying Loom Knitting for First Time

Received the Boye Value Knit Loom Set as a gift and allowed myself some time to play today. Working on a scarf for myself with Caron Cakes Cherry Chip on the short loom. So far, it’s about 10" long and 4 1/2" wide. Honestly, I didn’t care...

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Michal Bulla

You know you're a crocheter, if ...

We tried a similar post at the beginning, but there were only few members at that time. Let’s try it again. You know you’re a crocheter, if: 1. You are looking at a Blanket in the store and you are thinking “where the hell could I get a...

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Selling crochet items

Hello fellow crocheters! I have a question regarding selling homemade crochet items. I have a hard time pricing items for sale. I usually make things for free or just the cost of the yarn for friends and family and I have a hard time charging...

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selling my crafts

Hello friends. I have a question for you. I have crocheted since I was 5 years old (59 now) and it is my hobby, my therapy, my anxiety “pill”, and my fun. I have had people continually tell me to sell my products, but I have always given...

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Debbie Pribele

Projects on the Go

How many projects do you currently have on the go - included those “tucked away and almost forgotten” projects AND the ones you have the yarn for but haven’t started crocheting yet. I ask because …. my daughter picked up the HUGE PILE of hats...

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Robyn Cochran

A new member to

Hi. My name is Robyn Cochran. I am a 44 yr. old PA crocheter. Although new to blogging…other than posting on facebook, I am not new to crocheting. I have been crocheting for many years. All that I need to learn is how to transfer pictures from...

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hi, i am fairly still new to crochet. i do not understand the meaning of ‘sets of 12 or 16 or 18’ when ppl say that to me. i am trying to make my mom a blanket for her bday. i have four colors. i want to do it in a ripple,chevron, or wave...

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does anyone know of any good designs they would recommend?

I’m looking for some new designs to try out for some charity blankets. Does anyone have some designs they really like that would be good for a beginning/intermediate crocheter could do?

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Debbie Pribele

What's Your 2018 Goals?

Are you going to try something new this year? What will it be?

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in need of new designs!

Hi everyone. I’m in need of different designs to do besides the granny square or the patchwork granny square. Anyone know of any good designs that aren’t overly intricate?? Thanks!! Trying to make 4 to 6 afghans to sell for a charity and want to...

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Not a lot to say I love knitting, crochet and am a fully trained master kiltmaker and love all crafts to the extent i have a mobile craft shop for the elderly, housebound etc where i also teach crafts you can see for yourself at...

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Debbie Pribele

TIPS .. keeping gifts a secret

What are your tips/tricks & strategies re: keeping a gift “secret” during the creation process?

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Hello All!

I’m brand new to this community and so far I’ve only been on one other forum, so please be gentle! I’ve been trying to get a business running for the past couple years – sooo much learning to do – and I’ve found there are wonderful people out...

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Debbie Pribele

TIPS: circles

What are your tips, tricks, strategies — and questions – re: crocheting a (flat) circle?

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I am a long time knitter but am trying to learn to crochet. I guess you could say I am new to this website and crochet. If anyone could give me tips that would be great! Thanks!

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Debbie Pribele

TIPS: the double crochet stitch

What are your tips/tricks/strategies re: using the double crochet stitch?

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Bernat Blanket Yarn in Black?

I’m trying to track down Bernat Blanket Yarn in Black. I haven’t been able to find it in black and am starting to wonder if they even make it in that color. Seems odd to me if they don’t. Does anyone know?

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Mary Pauline M

My Knit ' Goal ' for 2017

Hello all! As many of you may know, overall 2016 was not a good year for me. For 2017, I’ve decided to finally take the jump and try to earn a bit of additional income via knitting. So, I’m currently in research mode. If you earn income,...

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Debbie Pribele

TIPS ... teaching young children

What are your tips, tricks, strategies .. and questions.. .re: teaching young children how to crochet?