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Debbie Pribele

LIVE CHAT: Sun. Aug. 21 (Tent Sale Part II)

I went back to the tent sale on Sunday — to take a better look at the yarns available. My first visit was a fast 7 minute visit — I was in, got my yarn, and was out! I thought I had saved the video so I could post it here but I guess I got all...

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Victorian heart suncatcher

Hi! Thank you for accepting my request to join this site. I have been looking everywhere for a pattern of a victorian heart suncatcher from Annie’s Attic, but without result. The pattern is no longer available in their internet shop. Is there...

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Hello from cold and sunny Lancashire

Hi to all fellow crocheting enthusiasts. I taught myself to crochet over thirty years ago whilst recoding from an Appendectomy, and I can still remember the frustration whilst learning. As time went on an the family were growing and I was working...

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Hi, My name is Sunni & thank you for accepting me into the crochet community. I am a self taught crocheter & still learning. I love crocheting & find that its therapeutic. Its amazing what can be made from what others that don’t...

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Crochet Colourful Fasion

These pretty dresses and top are designed in bright colours and look very cute and sunny. You can wear them on any occasion because they are looking fabulous! I will try to make one of them this summer! :) See more at:...

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Debbie Pribele

Collaborations & Challenges

(Thanks to the Team for creating this forum, so we can keep track of our collaborations and challenges). What’s a Collaboration? For a collaboration, we vote on a theme, colour combinations and other elements and, then, we create our own,...

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Debbie Pribele

TIPS ... use of "single crochet"

What are the best / your favourite / or some new ideas for the use of the “single crochet”?

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thinking of trying new yarns..any suggestions?

Hi everyone! I’m thinking of trying new yarns, but don’t know what would be a good quality yarn that’s inexpensive. I’ve used bernat, red heart, cannon, fun fur, and woolease (not spelled correctly, I know…). I want to try something new for a...

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Hi, my name is Sue do you do ?

I am new to this group, and I am hoping to meet new friends and to learn loads. I have been crocheting for 30 years and I am still learning. I have already seen some really great stuff, maybe I will hear from you soon ! Thanks for letting me...

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Debbie Pribele

More Gift Tags and such ..

check out these ideas (and free printables) “Hooked with Heart” is cute!

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Debbie Pribele

Foundation Row Single Crochet

an alternative to the chain (and I love it when they show both the left and right-handed versions!!)

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Debbie Pribele

Dear Santa ...

Dear Santa, I hope you and your family are doing well. (Say “hi”, for me, to Ms. Claus and the elves) I have tried my best to be good this year. I have been doing lots of crocheting and, after you’ve taken care of all the boys and girls, I was...

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Debbie Pribele

STITCHES: Extended Single Crochet

I hadn’t heard of this one before and it was in a pattern I was doing .. so I had to do some research. Thanks to Liat Gat for posting this tutorial video on youtube!

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Michal Bulla

5,000 Creations? When? Take a guess and win(old)!

=========== This contest is no longer active, since we didn’t reach the 5000 creations in 2015 and almost all active members used their votes already NEW VOTING HERE =========== We’re growing really fast and I think that it is the right...

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Emma Stone

what corner are you from?

Not sure if ive put this is the correct section, apologies if I havent. Im from a little village in the welsh valleys called Cefn Hengoed. I was reading a few posts and just wondered where everyone else is from?

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Fillet Crochet Samples

I saw Debbie’s suggestion (somewhere; can’t find it now) of keeping a sample book of crochet swatches. Here is one old one I unearthed, made as a coverlet for a maple doll cradle for my girls 35 years ago (hence the blurry spot to shadow a burn...

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Debbie Pribele

Crocheted Popcorn Pinwheel Bed Spread by Frances Johnson

Oh my goodness!!! Isn’t this the most absolutely gorgeous bedspread, story, and video you have ever seen? Since she has given us the pattern, I think that this just might be an upcoming challenge — to reproduce 1 pinwheel . (Picture of the...

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sick and tired of being sick and tired...

I’m currently sick (sinus infection with ear infection) along with my middle son (severe sinus infection also), and I’m so uncomfortable that I can’t really sleep. I’m finding myself staying up late to crochet to wear myself out, but its not...

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Michal Bulla

Happy Holidays from CrochetCommunity

We want to wish you a healthy, safe, and happy holiday season filled with joy and surrounded by loved ones. We’re so happy that you selected Crochet.Community as your online place to share and discuss your crochet journey. Have the sharp...

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Debbie Pribele

Introducing, "ME"!

Hi there. . I’m a dabbler. I’ve made a few sweaters and a few afghans but it has been a while since I’ve crocheted anything, When I was making the afghans, I enjoyed getting into the rhythm and being able to crochet while watching TV and,...