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Crochet Colourful Fasion

These pretty dresses and top are designed in bright colours and look very cute and sunny. You can wear them on any occasion because they are looking fabulous! I will try to make one of them this summer! :) See more at:...

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Debbie Pribele

GRAPH CHART: O Canada Afghan

I recently saw (on Facebook) a quilt square, designed by Seven Sisters Quilting. I don’t quilt but I do crochet and I thought it would make a wonderful lap-ghan, so I asked permission to turn it into a crochet design. The quilt square: I...

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Dee Walter


I’m a new to crocheting and live in an RV full time. We settle a couple months in Florida to keep warm in the winters and travel in the summers. In our winter park, we have a group called “Happy Hookers” that make afghans for Linus...

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Mary Pauline M

Crocheted my first granny squares today ! Whee hee !

( sorry for the harsh lighting … ) I’m turning 50 this summer … and I have an American Girl Doll ( Julie ) to represent my era of the late 60s thru 70s. I decided to try a crochet project for her and found a free granny square doll afghan...

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Hi from Flushing, Michigan!

Hi all! I’m an avid hooker in the winter and work full time in the summer. I like granny squares and also sweater-shawls and always looking for new patterns and ideas! I’m exited to meet everyone! Marianne

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Debbie Pribele

Tent Sales & More

Summer is the time for Tent Sales (and other yarn events) If there is an upcoming yarn sale in your area, post the info here (company name, address, sale dates, website, and other relevant info)

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new to crochet

Hi everyone I am new to this community. I started crocheting the summer of 2014. I learned by watching youtube videos and asking questions of other crocheters. My attention span and patience is short but crochet slows me down a bit and tends...

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I'm new here but not to crochet

I’ve been crocheting since my grandmother put a crochet hook and yarn in my hands at age 5. Mostly, I did scarves and wash cloths. It was casual. But I’ve been doing other kinds of fiber art all along. Since this past summer, I’ve really picked...

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Hi everyone!!

Hello everyone! My name is Wendi and I am a crocheter. I love crocheting, though I’m still a bit new to the game. I Just started crocheting seriously over this last summer and am aiming to sell my creations soon. I already have many people...

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Hello from cold and sunny Lancashire

Hi to all fellow crocheting enthusiasts. I taught myself to crochet over thirty years ago whilst recoding from an Appendectomy, and I can still remember the frustration whilst learning. As time went on an the family were growing and I was working...