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Savannah Evans

Tunisian stitch help

Hello Folks! I’m Savannah and I just need help figuring out the right way to stitch Tunisian “panels” together for a blanket. You see I’m in the mist of making a really big graphghan and I went the Tunisian route. My hook is a 5mm and only about...

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Hey, I’m Joy live in Vienna Ohio . Enjoy crocheting and knitting . Mostly croc het for family and friends. Would like to learn some new stitches and techniques. Happy stitchin !!

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Debbie Pribele

Outie or Innie?

When you get a ball of yarn that doesn’t have the centre end sticking out (so you can pull yarn from the centre), what do you do? a) just use the outside end b) use the outside end because that’s what I would do anyway c) pull out yarn from...

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Debbie Pribele

To Your Health

Does anyone do hand exercises when crocheting? I take a stretch break for my hands, now and again .. plus I make sure I am drinking lots of water. (I also use some essential oils to help relax and soothe)