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Dog Jacket/Coat

Hi, My name is Shirley and I am so excited that I found this website just tonight as I was looking through my Facebook messages. I saw a picture of a crocheted dog jacket/coat in pink for a small dog and didn’t note the # on it. Can anyone help...

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Hello Everyone!

My name is Andria. I’m a 28 year old full time mom of 3 beautiful children. I’ve been crocheting for 18 years and mostly self taught. My teacher only knows the sc. So, everything past the old school chain, hook and turn, I’ve learned elsewhere....

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Need help finding pattern on this site

I’m new to this wonderful site and need some help. I found a beautiful pink baby blanket called “Heartwarming Wrap” Pattern is by Terry Kimbrough. I can’t figure out how to get the pattern. Can anyone help?

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Flawless Crochet Flowers

2016 Valentine Mystery Crochet Flower CAL and Contest

Hi Everyone! As a new member to Crochet Community, I thought it would be awesome if I shared my current Valentine CAL and contest that will be starting on January 14, 2016. That’s in just 4 days! You will receive 3 free flower patterns plus a...

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star to square...

I’m looking for a pattern to turn a star into a square, I’ve asked so many people I’m starting to think that it is not possible even though I’ve seen finished projects with them ……. please help me out here I’m grasping at a frayed end of scrap...

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Does anyone know how to stop a new hook from squeaking while crocheting?

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Social Media and Hosting Classes

I have had lots of people ask me how to crochet or simply say “I have always wanted to learn how to do that” so I decided (with some encouragement from my loving husband) that I am going to start holding classes in my home to teach people how to...

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This pattern is not right

It surpose to be like this Can anyone tell me were am going wrong

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Debbie Pribele

Crocheted Popcorn Pinwheel Bed Spread by Frances Johnson

Oh my goodness!!! Isn’t this the most absolutely gorgeous bedspread, story, and video you have ever seen? Since she has given us the pattern, I think that this just might be an upcoming challenge — to reproduce 1 pinwheel . (Picture of the...

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Pineapple Design Table Top Cloth

I would like to look into making an old fashioned table cloth, one that does not hang over the table but covers the top nicely but not all the way to the edge. I will be looking into patterns on the internet as well as materials to use, but I...

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Debbie Pribele

Pinterest Collection of Patterns

This is handy. … lots of stitch patterns, too.

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Debbie Pribele

Projects on the Go

How many projects do you currently have on the go - included those “tucked away and almost forgotten” projects AND the ones you have the yarn for but haven’t started crocheting yet. I ask because …. my daughter picked up the HUGE PILE of hats...

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Unbelievable deals

This was passed on by someone on FB, but it’s worth sharing, I think. I had no idea The Dollar Tree would sell yarn in bulk and deliver it to a nearby store for pick up! I’ve no affiliation with this business, just a happy customer....

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Debbie Pribele

Challenge Idea: Parasol?

Inspired by etelina’s beautiful parasols, I think it is time to give it a try. This version uses Red Heart Super Saver so I/we wouldn’t be doing a “first” fine thread and a first parasol. ...

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Help: Crochet Baby Onesie Pattern from Red Heart

I found this pattern through a link on Pinterest that lead to Red Heart’s site and I am stuck on the upper back part of the pattern. Here’s the link:...

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Hi, my name is Louise, and I live in the UK. I’m 31 years old and a mom of 1 to my amazing 7 month old daughter Jessie so crochet time is few and far between but recently I’ve been able to get more done. My grandma taught me years ago and I’ve...

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New from Calgary

Hello from snowy Alberta! I am a SAHM who loves to crochet and sew for my young son. I find the 2 go very well together. I love making amigurumi and have created quite the collection since picking up the hobby in Late 2016. I look forward to...

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Peggy8650 from Pa.

Been a whole year since I posted I would like to share some of my creations but don’t know how and if I can post them will someone tell me how to post pictures to the creation pages. Is there any special thing I can post or can I just post my...

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My name is Angela, I am 46 and have been crocheting for 35 years, I have only picked it back up seriously in the last 10 years, I hope toake new friends and share interest and skills, Thank you for letting me join x