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Debbie Pribele

LIVE CHAT: Sun. Aug. 21 (Tent Sale Part II)

I went back to the tent sale on Sunday — to take a better look at the yarns available. My first visit was a fast 7 minute visit — I was in, got my yarn, and was out! I thought I had saved the video so I could post it here but I guess I got all...

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Debbie Pribele

LIVE CHAT: Mon. August 1

The plan is to have a LIVE CHAT this morning at 9AM Eastern, on our Facebook page Here is the video showing the “reversible” pattern, using Tunisian Crochet

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Debbie Pribele

(almost) LIVE Chat #2

Today, I took another try at doing a live chat on our Facebook page It actually turned into four attempts but I kept at it and I finally got one completed. Thanks to those who popped by, especially...

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Debbie Pribele

LIVE CHAT: Fri. July 29

Hi everyone – I am planning on doing a LIVE CHAT again today at 9AM Eastern Time. Hope to see you there if you are available. Let’s crochet and chat together! (See below, in comments: video tutorial for Tunisian In the Round part )

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Debbie Pribele

(almost) LIVE Chat

hey everyone — I’ve just done my first “LIVE CHAT” on Facebook. There will be more. I have to find the best time for me and for crocheters as to when I’ll post them. Feedback appreciated!! LINK:

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Debbie Pribele

LIVE CHAT: Thurs. Aug. 18 (Tent Sale)

Not sure how to embed the videos… but check out our Facebook page. I attended the Mary Maxim Tent Sale, in Paris, Ontario, Canada. I saved about $200. Now to match the projects to my yarn!

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Debbie Pribele

LIVE CHAT: Fri. Aug. 26 - Donation Hat

Hi everyone. I held a “Live Chat” this morning to wrap up my Collaboration Donation Creation – a crocheted hat. Watching the video, I can really tell that I have been sick this week. The brain definitely was not functioning on all cylinders! My...

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Debbie Pribele

Tunisian Crochet Hooks, Process

I did a Facebook Live video this morning, answering some questions about Tunisian Video:

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Hello! I'm new. :)

Hello! I’m Kristin, and I’m from south-eastern PA. I’ve been crocheting for almost two decades (since about my mid-twenties), but only seriously since 2011. I especially love amigurumi and have made countless bears, elephants, horses, etc. One of...

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Hi my name is Gelvera and I have been crocheting for about a yr, i am still new and still trying to get it right but having fun doing it. I love in Ontario, Canada very close to the US border, would love to be able to chat with some more...

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Good Evening everyone!!! I saw this site on Facebook and thought I would check it out. A little about me. My Nanny (Dad’s Mom) taught me a single crochet when I was little. I am now 32 and have picked it back up after having 2 kids (6 yrs and 13...

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Crocheted and new knitter

Hi I’m Sherri aka Crochetr. I’ve been crocheting over 40 years, knitting a few months. I live in Las Vegas, NV.. With my hubby and four fur babies. I enjoy crocheting for charities and for family.

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Hello from New Forest

hi I,m new to crochet .. had play with it for year but never got into doing patterns .. got lots of friend who are great at it. I live in the New Forest have a few horse at home and 2 cats. family all left now , so bit more time I work a few...

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Hi newbbie

Hi my names Tricia, ive recently just started to learn to crochet, I have been learning from books and youtube tutorials. Been doing it for 2 months now and so far I have made 4 blankets and a small blanket for my daughters doll. I am also...

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Frances Glennon


Hello my name is Frances but my friends call me Frankie…I am a creative person that works with many crafts not just crochet…Although crochet is my first love I also sew, embroider by hand, create barrettes, make plastic canvas and wood magnets,...

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Thanks for allowing me into this great community

Hi, My name is Pat, I’m from Nova Scotia. I have been a crocheter off and on since I was 15. I so far have done basic items like hats and scarves, just the last couple of months I have started making new things. I love trying new patterns with...

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New member

I have been crocheting and doing almost every craft you can since since I was 15 yrs old. I love a challenge. I would love patterns of afghans and dishcloths.I love to cross hoo and Tunisian crochet.

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Help with instructions fo Crelando Animal set

Hi My daughter has asked me to create the crochet elephant from the above animal set. I thought I was quite ok at crocheting but the instructions have me bamboozled :) I suspect I am missing something really basic. Line 1 : Make 2 chain...

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just posted pictres

have ust posted som of my items I have done hope you will enjoy them as much as I enjoye making them. Some of the patterns I have changeover time to suit my needs. I hateto make he se pattern twice without changing something. I like my items t be...

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Hello, I’m new here and slightly new to crocheting as well. I say slightly new because I actually started learning when I was 19 but didn’t do anything with it until this past year, 17 years later. So I consider myself a newbie. I have made two...