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color options? what's your opinion?!

I wanna hear your opinions! Here’s your choices to choose from for a color scheme on an afghan for a charity blanket: 1) black, bright yellow, bright orange 2) navy blue, bright green, medium bright blue 3) dusty red, medium brown, tan 4)...

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Need Ideas for Round Motifs

I started making a bunch of round motifs in 3 different colors, to make a table runner. I ran out of the green cotton yarn I was using and when I went to buy more, even though I got the same color, the hue is different. Now I don’t know what to...

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Debbie Pribele

Len's Mill Store Yarn Special

every yarn that is “green” (or has green in it) is 15% off for the month of March (2017). And green is my favourite colour!! hmmm

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pattern and color selection for charity Afghans

I need your help!! I’m in need of people’s opinions! Which colors would you pair with which patterns? Colors: 1: Navy blue & bright yellow (the down syndrome colors) 2: deep red, gray, and brown 3: dark brown, tan, aqua 4: dark...

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Greetings from a Newbie

Hello Everyone, I just came across this lovely looking site via Google while searching for a new place to chat to fellow crocheters! I have been crocheting since July 2012 on and off and it’s only been in the past 15 months I’ve been hooked...

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Hi. My name is Laurie. I have been crocheting for over 40 years. I am new however to the social media crochet forums. I am finding I love learning new techniques and sharing my experience as well. My blog and my shop are called “Crochet by...

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Susan Isaac

Greetings from one hand cramped crocheter to others

Hi all!! I look forward to making new acquaintances and learning some fun new stuff. Also if I can ever be of any assistance to anyone I’ll do what I can-lets boldly go create something (what’s the worst that could happen?pull out the stitches...

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Greetings, fellow crocheters! I learned to crochet as a young girl (around 40 years ago). My mother taught me – her mother taught her, and so on. I mostly crochet afghans. Here lately, I’ve been crocheting baby afghans for co-workers and my...

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Hi everyone My grand babies are making Christmas tree decorations, this years theme is recycling Grandpa is working with the boys they have made drawn fishes and poles which are joined together with fishing line so Grandma is trying to help...