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Mary Pauline M

Crocheted my first granny squares today ! Whee hee !

( sorry for the harsh lighting … ) I’m turning 50 this summer … and I have an American Girl Doll ( Julie ) to represent my era of the late 60s thru 70s. I decided to try a crochet project for her and found a free granny square doll afghan...

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Debbie Pribele

The Granny Square

Let’s share our tips, tutorial, questions and support on creating (and connecting) Granny Squares.

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Lily n cream granny squares bag pattern help questions

Hi.I was wondering what it means when it says sew 4 misfits tog for front and back?and what does this mean -place ws of back and front tog? What does this mean join mc at top left corner and work 1 row of sc around opposite corner to join 3 sides...

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in need of new designs!

Hi everyone. I’m in need of different designs to do besides the granny square or the patchwork granny square. Anyone know of any good designs that aren’t overly intricate?? Thanks!! Trying to make 4 to 6 afghans to sell for a charity and want to...

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Amie Jane

Favourite go-to Crochet Blogs

Is anyone like me, have a list of blogs and sites that you love? I spend a good few hours every so often looking to see if there are any new ones out there that I can discover. So, if you’re interested, here are a few I’ve come across for you to...

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Elephants !

Good afternoon all. How are we today? I am a little cold, got a few days off, so here goes. I am now ‘Head of the Herd!’ as once just to be friendly, I agreed to make an elephant with a friend… this was approximately eight months ago. Since...

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crocheting a cross

Hello My Friends, I just found you……and I am so happy. I am a long time crocheter……but consider myself a novice because I’ve only made afghans and baby blankets……nothing that took much imagination or artistry. My work is always a pleasure and...

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I'm new here

I have been crocheting since 1964. My girlfriend took a home economics class and learned how to crochet. She taught me, but I was unaware of dye lots and made a blue and white granny square afghan that was multiple shades of blue. It is still...

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hello from New Jersey

I taught myself to crochet 20 years ago last year I picked up my hook for the first time in about 15 years I’ve never learned to read a patteren. I’ve always had crocheted but never finished projects because I didn’t know how to finish off. Last...

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I have been crocheting for 30+ years and only know the “granny square and double crochet stitches” I want to learn more stitches. I am a wife and mother of six children and grandmother of three.

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Debbie Pribele

Collaborations & Challenges

(Thanks to the Team for creating this forum, so we can keep track of our collaborations and challenges). What’s a Collaboration? For a collaboration, we vote on a theme, colour combinations and other elements and, then, we create our own,...

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The Next Generation

I’m so excited and had to share my good news. I’ve been asked to conduct crochet workshops at the Art Institute of St. Louis! It won’t be a regular class, but one of the many “fun” workshops they offer to students, faculty, and staff throughout...

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Hi from Flushing, Michigan!

Hi all! I’m an avid hooker in the winter and work full time in the summer. I like granny squares and also sweater-shawls and always looking for new patterns and ideas! I’m exited to meet everyone! Marianne

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Breast Cancer Awareness ....

Hi All….. My sister is a 38yo Breast Cancer survivor…. she has requested that I make her an afghan for her, which I do not mind to do at all and am honored that she asked me (seeing as how my mother and oldest sister both crochet…). Anyway, I...

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I'm always learning

I am left handed and always wanted t learn how to crochet. And no one wanted to teach a leftie. Last year, when we had so much snow and I decided to go to YouTube. A whole new world opened up to me! I’m legally blind in one eye and the vision in...

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pattern and color selection for charity Afghans

I need your help!! I’m in need of people’s opinions! Which colors would you pair with which patterns? Colors: 1: Navy blue & bright yellow (the down syndrome colors) 2: deep red, gray, and brown 3: dark brown, tan, aqua 4: dark...