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LoveCrochet Easter Egg Hunt Competition

Is anyone else trying to enter this competition? I can’t find the blog with the stripes eggs – the pic is from Petals to Picots, but that doesn’t help me. Help!

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Debbie Pribele

LIVE CHAT: Mon. August 1

The plan is to have a LIVE CHAT this morning at 9AM Eastern, on our Facebook page Here is the video showing the “reversible” pattern, using Tunisian Crochet

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My Life

I live in the Eastern part of Kentucky,have all my life. I enjoy reading my Bible and my hobby is crocheting, made a few thinks. I want to learn how to do more, I like animals. BJ26

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Debbie Pribele

LIVE CHAT: Fri. July 29

Hi everyone – I am planning on doing a LIVE CHAT again today at 9AM Eastern Time. Hope to see you there if you are available. Let’s crochet and chat together! (See below, in comments: video tutorial for Tunisian In the Round part )

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Hello! I'm new. :)

Hello! I’m Kristin, and I’m from south-eastern PA. I’ve been crocheting for almost two decades (since about my mid-twenties), but only seriously since 2011. I especially love amigurumi and have made countless bears, elephants, horses, etc. One of...

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What easier to read diagram or written form of patterns

Hi all. What do you find easier to read when you come across a new pattern you want to try out? for me I have to say both . Sometimes reading the crochet diagram can get loss in the pattern, depending on the pattern you want to make. When it...

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Lighting for using black yarn

Ok, I know I am not that old (48) but already using 2x magnification and currently doing a shawl for a customer in the Crystal Mexican yarn in black. Curious question, what kind of lighting do you all use when using a black yarn/thread. I...

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Debbie Pribele


Working on my “intarsia” (graphghan) I am using a lot of bobbins. I have 2 varieties that I am using: The red one is bigger and made from a flimsy plastic and the cream-coloured one is stiffer AND has the little hooks that help keep the yarn...

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Hello, I’m new here and slightly new to crocheting as well. I say slightly new because I actually started learning when I was 19 but didn’t do anything with it until this past year, 17 years later. So I consider myself a newbie. I have made two...

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Not a lot to say I love knitting, crochet and am a fully trained master kiltmaker and love all crafts to the extent i have a mobile craft shop for the elderly, housebound etc where i also teach crafts you can see for yourself at...

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Frances Glennon


Hello my name is Frances but my friends call me Frankie…I am a creative person that works with many crafts not just crochet…Although crochet is my first love I also sew, embroider by hand, create barrettes, make plastic canvas and wood magnets,...

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Hello everyone! I am new to crochet after trying a bit last year but I found it very hard to master basic stitches and didn’t make much time for it. This year however is a bit different as I have a lovely friend who is teaching me and so I have...

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What is your GOAL project?

If you are a beginner….what project is your ‘Holy Grail?" Veteran? Is there a project or pattern that you haven’t quite mastered? Mine is a ‘Sugar Skull Blanket" I have searched for a pattern but haven’t found one yet….

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New Old Crocheter

Hello! As a great grandma, I have to admit to not being “new” except here. I will turn 63 in September 2017 and have been a self-taught crocheter since I was 17. I took about a 35-year hiatus from crochet while I was busy making a living for...

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Hi, hello.

I’m new here, so think I should say hello. I’m a grandmother of 14, mother of 4 and have a fantastic hubby who lets me indulge all my obsessions with good humour and enjoyment. I crochet, knit, spin, weave, embroider, quilt, sew, dye, and lots...