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Help with instructions fo Crelando Animal set

Hi My daughter has asked me to create the crochet elephant from the above animal set. I thought I was quite ok at crocheting but the instructions have me bamboozled :) I suspect I am missing something really basic. Line 1 : Make 2 chain...

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Elephants !

Good afternoon all. How are we today? I am a little cold, got a few days off, so here goes. I am now ‘Head of the Herd!’ as once just to be friendly, I agreed to make an elephant with a friend… this was approximately eight months ago. Since...

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Hello! I'm new. :)

Hello! I’m Kristin, and I’m from south-eastern PA. I’ve been crocheting for almost two decades (since about my mid-twenties), but only seriously since 2011. I especially love amigurumi and have made countless bears, elephants, horses, etc. One of...