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Are You Done Crocheting Christmas Presents?

My goal this year was to be done with all crochet Christmas presents before Dec. I failed lol. I always make both of my neighbors a scarf so those are done. But I am making my sister a sparkly poncho and its not quite finished. And I have to...

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Mary Pauline M

My Mom Models Christmas Knit Scarf

Mom asked for a knitted scarf for Christmas in Caron Cakes Cherry Chip. Was my first time using the yarn and my biggest project to date, since I’m a newbie knitter. I used size 8 needles and just did two rows knit followed by two rows purl...

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I'm looking for easy crochet hats, shawls, baby afghans and christmas ornaments

I love to give Christmas gifts that are handmade…willing to share my patterns and would love to get some from other members of the crochet community…contact me at

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Help: Crochet Baby Onesie Pattern from Red Heart

I found this pattern through a link on Pinterest that lead to Red Heart’s site and I am stuck on the upper back part of the pattern. Here’s the link:...

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Peggy8650 from Pa.

Been a whole year since I posted I would like to share some of my creations but don’t know how and if I can post them will someone tell me how to post pictures to the creation pages. Is there any special thing I can post or can I just post my...

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New to the Community

Hi, I’m Dee, and I want to introduce myself. I learned to crochet with my mom from a friend of Mom’s when I was about 8. Mom kept up with it all through the years, but I stopped a long time ago. I picked it back up 2 winters ago making scarves...

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I just turned 60 last June and have been a self-taught crocheter since I was 20. I have made many items over the years but in the past five years I haven’t been able to due to my yarn being in storage. I hope it’s still ok! I am mother to...

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Newbie Here

Hi everyone my name is Wendy and I am from Edmonton Alberta Canada. Ihave been crocheting for about 10 years I am also a quilter and have been doing this for about 5 years. I have been very busy getting all my orders filled for Christmas as I am...

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Who I am and what I do:

I am a very happy grandmother of 6, a 21 year old girl, 19 old boy, 16 year old boy, 13 year old girl, 11 year old girl, and a 9 year old girl. Over the years I have had much fun making them all kind of goodies. I have made many layette sets, and...

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Mary Pauline M

A new knitter says hello !

Hello ! While I’ve crocheted ( leftie ) since a child, taught by the best teacher ever, my Mom, I never could pick up knitting. While I tried to self teach once, it was prior to the internet, and what limited resources I could find in my area...

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Ling Ryan

Hello Everyone! 😃

Hello! I have just joined Crochet Community and would like to introduce myself, share my story and say hi 😊 I taught myself to crochet in September 2014 using YouTube videos and haven’t put my hooks down since. I was lucky to catch on quickly...

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Tina S

introducing myself

Hi! My name is Tina and I’m from NY (upstate). I started crocheting thus fall as a way to make Christmas presents for my 4 granddaughters, I started with hard. I find I really enjoy doing it, it’s relaxing after a long day. I look forward to...

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Hi. I,m Jacky and have been a basic crocheter for some time but would like to improve my skills. I do a lot of knitting especially babies clothes. So I want to crochet some. My daughter gave me a full set of hooks for Christmas. So I am ready to...

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Hi everyone

Hi everyone My name is Trish but I’m commonly known as Cranky. I started crotcheting just under 12 months ago and taught myself from YouTube. My friends and family all received crotched gifts for Christmas this year. I have also enjoyed making...

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Debbie Pribele

Dear Santa ...

Dear Santa, I hope you and your family are doing well. (Say “hi”, for me, to Ms. Claus and the elves) I have tried my best to be good this year. I have been doing lots of crocheting and, after you’ve taken care of all the boys and girls, I was...

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Hi everyone My grand babies are making Christmas tree decorations, this years theme is recycling Grandpa is working with the boys they have made drawn fishes and poles which are joined together with fishing line so Grandma is trying to help...

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Debbie Pribele

Wow -- look at all those new creations!!

they are amazing and so many I just can’t find the time to stop by and comment on all of them .. .so here is to everyone who has posted a project since Christmas - WELL DONE

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Hello from cold and sunny Lancashire

Hi to all fellow crocheting enthusiasts. I taught myself to crochet over thirty years ago whilst recoding from an Appendectomy, and I can still remember the frustration whilst learning. As time went on an the family were growing and I was working...

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Hi, I’m Ruth! My grandmother and mother taught me to crochet when I was very young. I love making things and sharing them with family and friends. I’m working on my second Christmas tree skirt, for my grandchildren, right now. I enjoy looking...