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Emma Stone

Crochet for charity?

Hi all, ive just created a group on facebook with a few friends. We are crocheting hats and blankets for special care babies and the homeless. Have you ever crocheted/knitted for charity? If so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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pattern and color selection for charity Afghans

I need your help!! I’m in need of people’s opinions! Which colors would you pair with which patterns? Colors: 1: Navy blue & bright yellow (the down syndrome colors) 2: deep red, gray, and brown 3: dark brown, tan, aqua 4: dark...

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in need of new designs!

Hi everyone. I’m in need of different designs to do besides the granny square or the patchwork granny square. Anyone know of any good designs that aren’t overly intricate?? Thanks!! Trying to make 4 to 6 afghans to sell for a charity and want to...

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New To Community

Morning to you all. My name is Sal, i am married with 2 kids and 3 dogs. One is a pup though and he tells me when i have done too much crocheting and its time to have a break. Lol i also taught myself to crochet. I started to crochet when I...

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color options? what's your opinion?!

I wanna hear your opinions! Here’s your choices to choose from for a color scheme on an afghan for a charity blanket: 1) black, bright yellow, bright orange 2) navy blue, bright green, medium bright blue 3) dusty red, medium brown, tan 4)...

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does anyone know of any good designs they would recommend?

I’m looking for some new designs to try out for some charity blankets. Does anyone have some designs they really like that would be good for a beginning/intermediate crocheter could do?

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afghan question.. can you wash. Im a newbie

hi folks.. I just finished my first 2 afghans for my twin grandchildren… I have them all sewn togeather … I was wondering if I should give them a quick wash and block before I gift them I have another one I am working on for a charity raffle…...

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New Member

Hi everyone. I am a self taught crocheter that constantly has something in the works. Currently working on a stock pile for charity. I’m looking forward to the New Years! How about you?

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Hello from cold and sunny Lancashire

Hi to all fellow crocheting enthusiasts. I taught myself to crochet over thirty years ago whilst recoding from an Appendectomy, and I can still remember the frustration whilst learning. As time went on an the family were growing and I was working...

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Hi - Love to crochet

Am new to this site. I learned to crochet when I was in grammar school but have not really done anything with it until the past 3 or 4 years. There are many charities that need items for the homeless, poor, abused, hospitals, shelters, etc. and...

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I'm new

Hi everyone. I love to crochet. I am basically a beginner, so I don’t quite have the ability of you pro’s out there. Right now I’m trying my hand at making, what one person called an easy net tunic – Crochet creation by chasity, that is how I...

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Crocheted and new knitter

Hi I’m Sherri aka Crochetr. I’ve been crocheting over 40 years, knitting a few months. I live in Las Vegas, NV.. With my hubby and four fur babies. I enjoy crocheting for charities and for family.

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I’m a 51 yr old wannabe crocheter of amigurumi figures. I was taught basic treble stitch by an aunt when I was little and can manage to crochet large granny blankets by just going round and round and round in treble shell stitch. I attended a...

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Yarn Comparison Chart

I was getting confused by pattern references to ‘fingering’ yarns and ‘DK’ yarns, so went to google and found this Yarn Comparison Chart. It helps give an idea of how to combine weights and types of yarn. ...

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Debbie Pribele

GRAPH CHART: O Canada Afghan

I recently saw (on Facebook) a quilt square, designed by Seven Sisters Quilting. I don’t quilt but I do crochet and I thought it would make a wonderful lap-ghan, so I asked permission to turn it into a crochet design. The quilt square: I...

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Debbie Pribele


What do you think of this chart, for an afghan? I don’t have a sister .. but if I did!

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Help with shawl chart please?

Hello, I have found a chart for shawl that I really want to try and normally I am fine with charts. However I cannot figure out how to start this one as it seems to be asking for a horizontal double crochet. Is anyone please able to explain...

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Debbie Pribele

RESOURCE: Yarn Weight Chart

I found this information at

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Debbie Pribele

Pattern Stitch Symbols

This chart notes the symbols for different crochet stitches. Chart Source:

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Debbie Pribele

RESOURCE: hat sizing

good information here re: making hats