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Debbie Pribele

GRAPH CHART: O Canada Afghan

I recently saw (on Facebook) a quilt square, designed by Seven Sisters Quilting. I don’t quilt but I do crochet and I thought it would make a wonderful lap-ghan, so I asked permission to turn it into a crochet design. The quilt square: I...

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Debbie Pribele

Projects on the Go

How many projects do you currently have on the go - included those “tucked away and almost forgotten” projects AND the ones you have the yarn for but haven’t started crocheting yet. I ask because …. my daughter picked up the HUGE PILE of hats...

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Debbie Pribele

History: Sample Books

I recently wrote a little blog about keeping a crochet journal and today, doing a scan of pictures for crocheting in history, I found this treasure (source ...

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Debbie Pribele

(almost) LIVE Chat #2

Today, I took another try at doing a live chat on our Facebook page It actually turned into four attempts but I kept at it and I finally got one completed. Thanks to those who popped by, especially...

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Hello everyone! I am new to crochet after trying a bit last year but I found it very hard to master basic stitches and didn’t make much time for it. This year however is a bit different as I have a lovely friend who is teaching me and so I have...

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Hello from Colorado!

Hello! My name is Julie and I’ve been a hooker since third grade! Crochet was actually a class in my school…that was a long time ago. I love everything about it! I’m looking forward to meeting you all.

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Hi from a newbie

Hi I’m Jenny and I’ve only just started to learn to crochet and am loving it. I’m having lessons and have bought a couple of books. I’ve tried in the past after been able to knit all my life but no joy, After finding a wonderful lady at our...

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Hello from KY

I’m Kay, I’ve been crocheting for over 60 years. My Nana taught me, using a steel hook and size 10 thread. I’m sure I chained miles and miles of chain, until she taught me the actual stitches, by the time I was 6. Crochet is my first love and...

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Hello From Operation Gratitude!! We have teamed up with Martha Stewart!

Hi All, Operation Gratitude has teamed up with Martha Stewart for a 16-Day Red Scarf Challenge!! The rules are simple. Make as many RED (any shade of red is acceptable) scarves as you can within the 16-day time frame. The scarves need to be...

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moving and would love to know of any good places to get yarn in New Hampshire?

I’m actually moving from CT to NH and don’t know anything about where I’m moving to. Wanted to know if anyone knows of anywhere that’s good to get yarns or craft fairs of sorts in New Hampshire in the lower east corner of the state? Any info is...

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Hello, I’m new here and slightly new to crocheting as well. I say slightly new because I actually started learning when I was 19 but didn’t do anything with it until this past year, 17 years later. So I consider myself a newbie. I have made two...