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Emma Stone


I happened to stumble upon this website earlier and have to say I’m Hooked (see what i did there ;p) I think this website is a brilliant idea. i have posted the link on my facebook profile and posted it in a very popular crochet page :) The...

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color options? what's your opinion?!

I wanna hear your opinions! Here’s your choices to choose from for a color scheme on an afghan for a charity blanket: 1) black, bright yellow, bright orange 2) navy blue, bright green, medium bright blue 3) dusty red, medium brown, tan 4)...

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Debbie Pribele

Inspiration: The Wedding Dress

I saw this wedding dress story a while ago and today I saw an interview with the designer/crocheter The dress was crocheted during daily commutes to work and back!!! Wonderful story Wonderful woman Wonderful crocheted wedding dress The...

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Mary Pauline M

Returning to crochet after many years absence

Hello! I’m Mary Pauline from northern NJ. I had learned to crochet from my Mom in the 1970’s and stayed with it thru the mid to late 1980’s, and then stupidly left the craft world. Recently, a couple years ago, I briefly returned to crochet...

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Crochet Colourful Fasion

These pretty dresses and top are designed in bright colours and look very cute and sunny. You can wear them on any occasion because they are looking fabulous! I will try to make one of them this summer! :) See more at:...

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new here

I’m Robin Selman and I have been crocheting for three years now. I have a 4 year old son and a loving husband. Get this ladies, he surprises me all the time with new yarn. I have made an irish wedding vale for my sisters wedding in August. My...

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Debbie Pribele

Fingerless Gloves

I saw this online …. and was pleased to see that it came with the pattern! Nice. source & pattern: Thanks Erangi Udeshika

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What is Sweetyarngasmcc4u?

Hi everyone ! I’ve been member for two years. It o have no be a very active with the crochet community as much as I would like. I have not introduced myself since I sign up, I more if the shy person. But I have been influenced by my peers...

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pattern and color selection for charity Afghans

I need your help!! I’m in need of people’s opinions! Which colors would you pair with which patterns? Colors: 1: Navy blue & bright yellow (the down syndrome colors) 2: deep red, gray, and brown 3: dark brown, tan, aqua 4: dark...

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Hi, I am Kristi

I feel really bad, I have not introduced myself, I am Kristi and I live in Northern Ca. Been a crazy two weeks a friend got married, my hubby and I were in the wedding etc. and the extended family of the bride lost a baby, so there has been Mass...

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Hello I joined a few weeks ago but I not been on the forum so hello to everyone. I am mainly a knitter but have done a little crochet for trims and a few doll items but now I am retired I would like to learn more crocheting. Can anyone recommend...