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Debbie Pribele

check this out ...

from our Woodworking community >>> YARN BOWL “This bowl is to prevent the yarn ball from running away. The open long slot enable the knitter to change the project half way without cutting the yarn while the small hole can be used...

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Susan Isaac

Greetings from one hand cramped crocheter to others

Hi all!! I look forward to making new acquaintances and learning some fun new stuff. Also if I can ever be of any assistance to anyone I’ll do what I can-lets boldly go create something (what’s the worst that could happen?pull out the stitches...

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New Member here

I’m new to the block and haven’t posted yet. I am also new to projects that i could post. I have made many dish/wash cloths and give them away almost as fast as i make them. We have a new grand baby due soon so i trying new bigger things. Some...

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Great Grandmother to 7 in last 2 years

I crocheted a baby afghan in 2003. Now that I am great grandmother I decided to crochet baby booties; forgot how to crochet and gave up on booties. Maybe if I did the same blanket as in 2003? With much help from Googling crocheting forums I am...

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Crocheted Owl

Nice to be here. Hope to make some friends and learn some things. I love to crochet and have been for about 1 year now. I like to crochet for family and friends, but I’m now starting to make some inventory to take on the road to some craft...

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I'm always learning

I am left handed and always wanted t learn how to crochet. And no one wanted to teach a leftie. Last year, when we had so much snow and I decided to go to YouTube. A whole new world opened up to me! I’m legally blind in one eye and the vision in...

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Debbie Pribele

FREE Pattern .. until Oct. 15 just go through the “purchase” process .. and at the end, before payment process, it will be available for free download Thanks to the designer!!

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African Flower Designer

Hi! I’m Johanna and I design crochet patterns. Mostly African Flower Animals! I just love them! I’m now reaching out in forums because I want to get to know more people who crochet, all around the world, to get inspirations and opinions on my...