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Looking for some patterns

Hey everyone. I’m looking for some bag and satchel patterns. The bags I’m looking at being maybe the size of a wallet with the purpose of being able to carry tarot cards or oracle cards. The satchels I just can’t find any! Prefer crochet patterns...

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Mama's Got A Brand New Bag

I think there was a song about that……… Here’s a neat idea: elsewhere, someone suggested getting a partitioned wine bottle holder from the grocery store. Mine was free with a bottle, and has six pockets. I cut off the handles, crocheted a...

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is there a place to put photo album

I would like to post some of the items I have made. I make up a lot of my patterns as I passion is making toys and outfits for rescued teddy bears. I also make gifts for people.I make family names from thread and make up my own designs for...

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Hooked on Islay

New and looking forward to sharing creations!

Hi. My name is Liz and I was taught crochet by my Mum over 40 years ago. I rediscovered the craft in January 2014 and haven’t stopped since! I enjoy making hats, bags, slippers and more. I live on the Isle of Islay in the Hebrides and call myself...

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Help left handed patterns

Hi Everyone I have been crocheting for over 50 years, I learn by putting a pattern in front of a mirror I’m looking for ideas to crotch to add to goody bags at the next Ladies Auxiliary convention Would love to get any ideas from anyone...

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The Next Generation

I’m so excited and had to share my good news. I’ve been asked to conduct crochet workshops at the Art Institute of St. Louis! It won’t be a regular class, but one of the many “fun” workshops they offer to students, faculty, and staff throughout...

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Debbie Pribele

Shopping Bag

I provided my pattern for the shopping bag(s) ..

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Amie Jane

Favourite go-to Crochet Blogs

Is anyone like me, have a list of blogs and sites that you love? I spend a good few hours every so often looking to see if there are any new ones out there that I can discover. So, if you’re interested, here are a few I’ve come across for you to...

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Hello, I'm new to this site

Hello, My name is Melissa, I just found this site and am thrilled to find it, any useful and helpful information about how to navigate around and get the most benefits will be greatly appreciated. I’ve been crocheting off & on since I was...

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Maureen Capps


I’d like to introduce myself. My Passion and Hobby: Crocheting. Home based in northern AZ. You can visit my etsy store at:

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New to the Community

Hi, I’m Dee, and I want to introduce myself. I learned to crochet with my mom from a friend of Mom’s when I was about 8. Mom kept up with it all through the years, but I stopped a long time ago. I picked it back up 2 winters ago making scarves...

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Hi I'm new & from Fl.

My name is Shirley aka: azbadgirl1 I’m new here on the site & have been doing basic crochet for year’s. I never learned how to make any cool things just throw blanket & a twin one for my kids when they were little. They didn’t mind if...

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Hello everyone. I'm new, and looking for inspiration.

I’ve always been awed by all the beautiful projects that people have made. Especially clothing. I hope to get brave enough to start the pattern I found for a jacket. I just have to tell myself that it contains all the same basic stitches as my...

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Debbie Pribele

The Colour Wheel

Some people just have that natural ability to select colours that look beautiful together. Others (me included) need a little help. Here is a good, basic, colour wheel to help with yarn selection. SOURCE:...

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I'm new

Hi everyone. I love to crochet. I am basically a beginner, so I don’t quite have the ability of you pro’s out there. Right now I’m trying my hand at making, what one person called an easy net tunic – Crochet creation by chasity, that is how I...

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Hello everyone! I am new to crochet after trying a bit last year but I found it very hard to master basic stitches and didn’t make much time for it. This year however is a bit different as I have a lovely friend who is teaching me and so I have...

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Thanks for allowing me into this great community

Hi, My name is Pat, I’m from Nova Scotia. I have been a crocheter off and on since I was 15. I so far have done basic items like hats and scarves, just the last couple of months I have started making new things. I love trying new patterns with...

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I'm new

Hi everyone! I’m new here and am looking to learn more about crocheting. I’ve taught myself the basic but would love to learn an easy pattern for a blanket. I’m also not familiar with the abbreviation in the directions. Looking forward to...

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Hi. I,m Jacky and have been a basic crocheter for some time but would like to improve my skills. I do a lot of knitting especially babies clothes. So I want to crochet some. My daughter gave me a full set of hooks for Christmas. So I am ready to...