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Debbie Pribele

Challenge Idea: Parasol?

Inspired by etelina’s beautiful parasols, I think it is time to give it a try. This version uses Red Heart Super Saver so I/we wouldn’t be doing a “first” fine thread and a first parasol. ...

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My name is Angela, I am 46 and have been crocheting for 35 years, I have only picked it back up seriously in the last 10 years, I hope toake new friends and share interest and skills, Thank you for letting me join x

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Hi everyone

Hi everyone My name is Trish but I’m commonly known as Cranky. I started crotcheting just under 12 months ago and taught myself from YouTube. My friends and family all received crotched gifts for Christmas this year. I have also enjoyed making...

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Hi everyone My grand babies are making Christmas tree decorations, this years theme is recycling Grandpa is working with the boys they have made drawn fishes and poles which are joined together with fishing line so Grandma is trying to help...