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Debbie Kitchen Wade

Hello from DebbiePooh

I’m 57 and have been crocheting on and off since I was 10 thank you Grandma, Love to make anything from patterns shared on the internet, and once in a while, creativity hits me in the forehead V8 smack – lol and something wonderful falls off my...

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Thanks for allowing me into this great community

Hi, My name is Pat, I’m from Nova Scotia. I have been a crocheter off and on since I was 15. I so far have done basic items like hats and scarves, just the last couple of months I have started making new things. I love trying new patterns with...

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Thank you

I want to thank all you for reconizing my work. I have been crocheting and knitting on and off for 40 + years but more so in the last 5 or 6 years. I’m enjoying it more now because of the resources we have now. Not having to pay for patterns or...

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Just wanted to say hi. I just found this site,and I’m so glad I did. I have crocheted for years. But sadly my last project was 5 yrs ago, I made a baby afghan for my grandson. I just haven’t had alot of time to make anything. I basically live...

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Newbie here

Hello everyone. My name is Christina. I live in Molino, Florida and I have been crocheting since I was in high school. Mostly it has been afghans and pillows. But most recently I have crocheting beanies for family members. I have been wanting to...

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Hello from New Forest

hi I,m new to crochet .. had play with it for year but never got into doing patterns .. got lots of friend who are great at it. I live in the New Forest have a few horse at home and 2 cats. family all left now , so bit more time I work a few...

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Lisa Ann

Hello everyone :)

Hi fellow hookers I have been crocheting for 5 years now and I am a complete addict! Crocheting started out as a hobby for me after I had been diagnosed with endometriosis and had to undergo surgery treatments, so I started crocheting to keep my...

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Mich Anne

I am who I am

Hi! My name is Michelle and I’ve been crocheting for more than a year now but most of my handmade creations are for babies and hats. I haven’t tried to make difficult designs yet because the patterns of which are really intimidating. This is the...

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Lily n cream granny squares bag pattern help questions

Hi.I was wondering what it means when it says sew 4 misfits tog for front and back?and what does this mean -place ws of back and front tog? What does this mean join mc at top left corner and work 1 row of sc around opposite corner to join 3 sides...

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What is your GOAL project?

If you are a beginner….what project is your ‘Holy Grail?" Veteran? Is there a project or pattern that you haven’t quite mastered? Mine is a ‘Sugar Skull Blanket" I have searched for a pattern but haven’t found one yet….

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What easier to read diagram or written form of patterns

Hi all. What do you find easier to read when you come across a new pattern you want to try out? for me I have to say both . Sometimes reading the crochet diagram can get loss in the pattern, depending on the pattern you want to make. When it...

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Newbie from NY

Hi, my name is Karol . . been crocheting for years but new to this site. I am outside of Buffalo NY, was a single mom raised three girls who have now given me 8 wonderful grandkids. I work full time and also have a “store” on Etsy as well as...

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Dream catcher patterns??

Looking for some patterns for dream catchers?? Trying to crochet my own and I found a few “pictures” I think are adorable but I can’t find the patterns anywhere and unless I have the patterns I can never get them to come out right…Does anyone...

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hi, i am fairly still new to crochet. i do not understand the meaning of ‘sets of 12 or 16 or 18’ when ppl say that to me. i am trying to make my mom a blanket for her bday. i have four colors. i want to do it in a ripple,chevron, or wave...

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Victorian heart suncatcher

Hi! Thank you for accepting my request to join this site. I have been looking everywhere for a pattern of a victorian heart suncatcher from Annie’s Attic, but without result. The pattern is no longer available in their internet shop. Is there...

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Which to choose from??

Hey everyone. Trying to figure out a new Afghan to make…debating on weither or not to do the Batman logo, the Superman logo, or do Captain America shield. I found a few patterns for each that seem easy enough. Does anyone think these would be...

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Debbie Pribele

Fingerless Gloves

I saw this online …. and was pleased to see that it came with the pattern! Nice. source & pattern: Thanks Erangi Udeshika

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African Flower Designer

Hi! I’m Johanna and I design crochet patterns. Mostly African Flower Animals! I just love them! I’m now reaching out in forums because I want to get to know more people who crochet, all around the world, to get inspirations and opinions on my...

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Hello, I’m new here and slightly new to crocheting as well. I say slightly new because I actually started learning when I was 19 but didn’t do anything with it until this past year, 17 years later. So I consider myself a newbie. I have made two...

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Thank you for adding me! I just love this group. I found this pattern and I’m not sure what the name of it is & and would love to make it. If anyone can please direct me into the right direction I would appreciate it. Thank you